Playing Pokémon Go on your PC after Setting up the game

Playing Pokémon Go on your PC after Setting up the game

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Well, once you set up the Pokémon Go game on your Windows PC through Blue Stacks and after downloading Pokemon go gps hack tool, you are now ready to play the game. Let us find out how to play the game.

Finally, you are ready with the required set up to play Pokémon Go. If your Pokémon Go app is taking a little longer to launch, don’t worry it is fine. You have to set up Pokémon Go in the similar fashion as you do on your normal iOS or Android devices. Login through Google and the app will start downloading your earlier set up of Pokémon Go account automatically.

Once the game is launched, you will discover yourself in a location, which is not real and you were in earlier. In case the game couldn’t detect your location immediately, go to Fake GPS again, select a spot located on the map and grab a fake location.

Every time you wish to shift to a new location, you have to check Fake GPS and capture a fake location. You can avoid doing this by selecting a few favourites, which allows you go, to and fro between different Pokestops. Try to avoid jumping long distances on the map as this can disclose that you have used a GPS spoofing method.

Remember, you don’t need to turn off the camera. When you detect the first Pokémon and your camera doesn’t work, you will get a message from the app as whether you wish to turn OFF the AR mode. Just select yes to confirm and you can easily capture Pokémon online.

If you are using the touch screen, you can interact easily by throwing Poke Balls. When you are using your Windows PC, make sure you turn OFF the location for your PC. In Fake GPS make sure you check if the expert mode is enabled.

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