GTST is the Best Soap Opera in Netherlands

GTST is the Best Soap Opera in Netherlands

Long ago, there was a time when soap manufacturers used to sponsor dramas which were aired on television channels and hence came to a term called soap operas. The first soap opera was broadcast in the 1930s in the USA. The trend started catching soon which made soap operas a global brand. In the 1990s, Goede Tijden, Slechte Tizden gtst was the first broadcast in the Dutch channel RTL4. From then it has become one of the biggest shows in Netherlands.

The show was first broadcast on 1st of October 1990 and was the first daily soap in their country. Originally inspired by an Australian show, this show has a whooping near to 2 billion views for each episode. The title Goede Tijden, Slechte Tizden which means good times and bad times is a family drama which basically revolves around the lives of families of Albert, Sanders, De Jong, Bouwhuis and Van Houten, who live in a fictional town of Meerdijk.

Many actors who were cast in this soap are now well-known actors across Europe. These include Late Antonie Kamerling, Reinout Oerlemans, Katja, and Schuurman and so on. GTST was created by an Australian TV producer, Reg Watson, written by Rohan Gottschalk and is produced Peter Römer. GTST has an average running time of half an hour.

Some important facts to ponder upon

The main characteristics that define this soap are art in which it is constructed. The soap has a good dose of drama of personal relationships, emotional and moral conflicts. It is also known for its dramatic turn of events such as kidnapping, murders etc. This show’s constant willingness to keep its audience entertained has earned it a gallant trophy of being the longest running Dutch soap opera. It has till now completed twenty-seven seasons and has over a five thousand episodes. Each year, this show takes a break in the month of June with a cliff-hanger and starts its new season in the month of September. These cliff-hangers revolve around family dramas, unexpected twists and various other plots. Overall this show is actually completing its duty to keep us entertained.



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